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Program enhancing mental healthcare for Aboriginal prisoners receives  $1.18m grant | UNSW Newsroom

Professor Kimberlie Dean

Head, Discipline of Psychiatry and Mental Health, UNSW

"Are people with mental illness at greater risk of being victims of perpetrators of violence?"

24 August 2022 4-5pm

Scientia Professor Perminder Singh Sachdev | UNSW Research

Professor Perminder Sachdev AM

Scientia Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Co-Director of CHeBA, UNSW

"A Classification of Neurodegenerative Disorders Based on Biomarkers - Is This The Future?"

27 July 2022 4-5pm

Sarah Medland - QIMR Berghofer

Professor Sarah Medland

Professor, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

"Using Genetics to Study Individual Differences in Mental Health and Neuroscience"

25 May 2022 4-5pm

Faculty - College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Associate Professor Ceren Acarturk

Associate Professor, Koc University, Turkey 

"Scalable Psychosocial Interventions for Syrian Refugees"

27 April 2022 4-5pm

Michael Farrell | Medicine - UNSW Sydney

Professor Michael Farrell

Director, NDARC

"Opioids Use and Use Disorders in Australia"

23 March 2022 4-5pm

Gordon Parker AO - Black Dog Institute

Professor Gordon Parker

Scientia Professor, School of Psychiatry and Black Dog Institute

"Burnout: The Current Hot Topic"

23 February 2022 4-5pm

Professor Jennie Hudson - Black Dog Institute

Professor Jennie Hudson

Director of Research, Black Dog Institute

"Improving Outcomes for Children and Young People with Anxiety Disorders"

24 November 2021 4-5pm

Professor Susan Rees | UNSW Research

Professor Susan Rees

Professor, School of Psychiatry

"Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Disorders - a Masterclass for Practitioners and Educators"

27 October 2021 4-5pm

Professor Andrew Page

Director, Huntington Disease Service, Westmead

"The impact of physical distancing policies during COVID-19 pandemic on health and well-being among Australian adolescents"

22 September 2021 4-5pm

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Professor Clement Loy

Director, Huntington Disease Service, Westmead

"Gene Therapy and Clinical Trials in Huntington Disease"

25 August 2021 4-5pm

Professor Maree Teesson AC

Director, Matilda Centre

"The 'Health4Life' Initiative: An inovative digital approach to health and well-being for secondary school students"

28 July 2021 4-5pm

Professor Melissa Green

Professor of Psychiatry, UNSW

"Detecting Risk for Mental Illness in Childhood"

23 June 2021 4-5pm

Associate Professor Jackie Curtis

Director, Mindgardens Neuroscience Network

“Keeping the Body in Mind: Physical Healthcare for People Experiencing Mental Illness”

May 2021

Professor Phillipa Hay

Foundation Chair of Mental Health, Western Sydney University

“Eating Disorders: Contemporary conceptualisations, distribution and determinants, and treatment”

April 2021

Dr Daniel Lin

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychiatry

"Revisiting The Genetic Architecture Of Autism Through Clinical Heterogeneity"

March 2021

Professor John McGrath

Niels Bohr Professor, University of Queensland

"Comorbidity within mental disorders"

February 2021

Conjoint Professor Florence Levy

School of Psychiatry

“Dopamine, Default Network, and ADHD”

February 2017

Dr Jessica Carlsson

Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry , Denmark

“Results from research on trauma-affected refugees: What have we learnt during 8 years of research at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry in Copenhagen?”

March 2017

A/Prof Ute Vollmer-Conna

School of Psychiatry

“Health & wellbeing of our medical students: what we know & what we need to know”

April 2017

Professor David A Brown

The University of Sydney

“Targeting inflammation in psychiatric disorders: Ready for the clinic?”

April 2017

Scientia Professor George Paxinos


"Brain and mind: who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer?"

June 2017

Associate Professor Samuel Harvey

School of Psychiatry

“Preventing depression and building resilience in the workplace”

August 2017


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