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Image - Human Longevity is Associated with Brain White Matter Hyperintensities
HEIDI DOUGLASS | Researchers from UNSW Sydney’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) have revealed new insights into the relationship between human longevity and brain white...
25 October 2021
Image - Keeping Connected: Social Health and Ageing
HEIDI DOUGLASS | The spread and magnitude of the impact of COVID-19 in Australia on mental health is yet to be fully realised. Necessary physical distancing requirements over...
21 October 2021
Image - New Program Helps People Find Their Way Forward After a Dementia Diagnosis
HEIDI DOUGLASS | An innovative new program launched today aims to assist the estimated 60,000 Australians diagnosed with dementia each year to understand the next steps and...
11 October 2021
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