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Image - Service dogs offer invaluable support to veterans living with PTSD
By Kirsty Johansen 14 Feb 2017 - 8:53 PM  UPDATED YESTERDAY 8:53 PM [View the story] Ryan Geddes served in the second combat engineer regiment in Afghanistan on two...
15 February 2017
Image - 3DN’s new BMJ Open publication reveals multiple markers of premature death for Australian Adults with Intellectual Disability
A new 3DN publication reveals that adults with an intellectual disability (ID) experience premature mortality and over-representation of potentially avoidable deaths. The study, published in BMJ Open...
8 February 2017
Image - Physical health ignored in people with mental illness
OPINION: Australians with serious mental illness are living on average for 10-32 years less than the rest of the population, mainly due to preventable and treatable diseases like diabetes. No wonder...
19 January 2017
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