Professor Gavin Andrews Farewell

The School of Psychiatry held a farewell dinner for Professor Gavin Andrews on the 23rd February 2018 to commemorate his brilliant and outstanding career and wish him well on his retirement. Head of School Professor Philip Mitchell hosted the evening in Park Hyatt, where Prof Andrews’ closest colleagues attended to help honour his passion and legacy. Prof Andrews has been an integral part of the School for over 50 years and has published more than 600 papers and books, making ground-breaking contributions to his research interests such as anxiety and personality disorders as well as health services research and mental health delivery. Prof Andrews was also a finalist in the 2017 Australian Mental Health Prize, recognized for his determined efforts in promoting improvements in care and the project THISWAYUP, an online portal to treat people for anxiety and depression. Thank you, Prof Andrews, for your tireless commitment and for inspiring us with your dedication to your work and research .




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