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Wipeout Dementia Surfers
HEIDI DOUGLASS | Senior executives across Australia’s property industry and 1999 World Surfing Champion Mark Occhilupo have joined forces to defeat dementia, with more than 50...
23 March 2022
Image - COSMIC Among the First to be Named to the Global Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative
HEIDI DOUGLASS | UNSW Sydney-based Consortium Brings Dementia Data from Eight Countries to new International Program Aimed at Defeating Alzheimer’s Disease Today the Davos...
27 January 2022
Image - Twins Study Indicates Environmental Factors Significant in Alzheimer’s Pathology
HEIDI DOUGLASS | The question of genetic vs environmental influences plays a major role in research into brain ageing, with researchers from UNSW Sydney’s Centre for Healthy...
20 December 2021

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