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Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert

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TEDx Sydney 2014 - Freedom from Schizophrenia, A Twin’s Quest: Cyndi Shannon Weickert

Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert was one of the speakers at the TEDx  Sydney 2014. Cyndi spoke about her life, her twin brother Scott and her research on schizophrenia. You can listed to her 15 minute TED talk by going to the full replay of the live coverage of the entire day at the following link and then selecting her name on the speakers list. It starts with the MC doing the session introduction.
Congratulations Cyndi on a powerful and passionate presentation that will be seen by many around the world.

ABC Radio - Conversations with Richard Fidler

Dr Cyndi Shannon Weickert leads scientific research into new treatments for schizophrenia. Broadcast date: Wednesday 28 May 2014




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