The School of Psychiatry attaches the highest priority to the attainment of research excellence and to the advancement of knowledge relevant to psychiatry as a scientific and professional discipline. Accordingly it aims to foster an intellectually stimulating learning environment and to ensure that the requisite infrastructure support is provided.

Postgraduate students are seen as vitally important contributors to the development and maintenance of the intellectual activities of the School and the School's research reputation. Postgraduate students are considered to be members of a research team lead by their supervisor(s). Wherever appropriate the students should be allowed to use the full range of expertise and facilities available within the School to support the conduct of their research. They are strongly encouraged to present their research findings at suitable scientific and professional meetings and to submit their work for review and publication in refereed journals of international stature. On completion of their degrees, they should see themselves and be seen by others, as professional medical researchers who are capable of carrying out high quality research on questions of genuine significance and thus fully prepared to contribute to the advancement of knowledge within the discipline.

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