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Image - FREE Public Forum: Kick Start Healthy Ageing
It is never too late to improve your health.  Understand how you can kick start healthy ageing through this free public forum. The Aged Care Psychiatry Service at the Prince of Wales Hospital, in...
4 December 2021
Image - Functional Stroke: A New Challenge for Stroke Services and Neuropsychiatry
CHeBA Visiting Lecture Series presents Professor Anthony David of University College London, for his talk: Functional Stroke: A New Challenge for Stroke Services and Neuropsychiatry The presentation...
27 April 2022
Image - Property Industry Wipeout Dementia 2022
On Friday, 25 March 2022 the highly anticipated Property Industry Wipeout Dementia event will hit Bondi Beach. Two years off due to COVID-19 has done nothing to slow the momentum, as we prepare for...
24 March 2022
OATS Twins
Pictured: Barbara Setterfield and Kathleen Byrne, participants in OATS HEIDI DOUGLASS | A 15-year study investigating the relative contributions of genetic and environmental...
25 November 2021
Image - Post-Stroke Dementia
CHeBA Visiting Lecture Series presents Professor Rajesh Kalaria of Newcastle University, for his talk: Post-Stroke Dementia The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with Professor...
16 November 2021
Image - Post-diagnostic Support for People with Dementia and Carers: Unmet Needs and Evidence for Rehabilitation
Australians with dementia and carers often report receiving minimal supports following diagnosis. This webinar will describe their unmet needs for information, psychosocial support, treatments to...
11 November 2021
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