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The School of Psychiatry is widely reputed as the pre-eminent psychiatric research department in the country, and one of the leading university psychiatry research groups internationally. Since its establishment, well over 100 research doctorates have been completed under the supervision of School academics, with many of the successful candidates going on to leading university positions around Australia in both psychiatry and psychology.

The School of Psychiatry is located at the main Kensington campus; UNSW teaching hospitals at Prince of Wales, St Vincent’s, St George and Liverpool; Black Dog Institute and Neuroscience Research Australia; Justice Health; the Rural Clinical School; St John of God Healthcare Hospitals (Burwood and Richmond); Wesley Mission Hospitals (Kogarah and Ashfield); and the Sydney Private Clinic.

Senior academic staff in the School have research interests in the depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, neuropsychiatry, old age psychiatry, schizophrenia, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, post-natal disorders, psychoneuroimmunology, intellectual disability and mental health, workplace mental health, trauma and mental health, migration / asylum seeking and mental health, transcultural mental health, psychiatric genetics, neurostimulation, neuroimaging, social psychiatry and epidemiology.

The School receives considerable research funds from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council through project grants and two program grants. School members also receive funding from other national peer reviewed competitive funding bodies such as the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund and the Mason Foundation.

The School has established a Master of Forensic Mental Health postgraduate coursework program and the linked research Master of Philosophy in Forensic Mental Health.

If you are interested in undertaking research in the School, go to the Research Fields section of this site where you can identify the different areas of research and contact details for the relevant School members.

Professor Kimberlie Dean

Head of School

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