Discipline of Psychiatry

Psychiatry is the field of medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders.

Psychiatrists work with individuals affected by a range of severe clinical disorders. They are employed in various medical-related settings, including hospitals, private practice, community health teams and other organisations. Specialisation is also possible – for example, child, forensic and old age psychiatry.

Psychiatry is primarily an area of specialisation at the postgraduate level. Current areas of research in psychiatry at UNSW include, for example, depressive and bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, neuropsychiatry, old age psychiatry, schizophrenia, child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, post-natal disorders, psychoneuroimmunology, intellectual disability and mental health, workplace mental health, trauma and mental health, migration / asylum seeking and mental health, transcultural mental health, psychiatric genetics, neurostimulation, neuroimaging, social psychiatry and epidemiology.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health offers various research programs in Psychiatry. For more information and enrolment pathways, please see the UNSW Handbook.

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